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Twenty winner startups of the Innovation Agency’s Matching Grants program

The winning startups of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development’s Innovations and Technologies Agency’s Matching Grants Program are already known. A total of 20 winners have been announced within the framework of the program, each receiving a grant of 100,000 GEL.  The decision was made by an investment committee staffed by high-level international venture investors.

The winning startups are :


  • Lupi AI - Analytical tool for education-related data. Lupi, based on AI data, enables decision making in education.

  • Logmind - A company that creates an artificial intelligence-based log-data analytics platform Which will help DevOps and IT operational groups of large organizations to automatically detect errors in their applications.


  • Qvevry - The project aims at producing Georgian traditional wine-ware - Qvevri - by using  modern technologies. A new ceramic 3D printer will be specially designed to print them, through which we will be able to produce Qvevri of 1000 - 1500 liters.


  • RNSEED Potato Fabrik - Unique integrated agro-biotechnological system for potato seed in vitro cloning and mini-tubers propagation.


  • Colors of Caucasus - Environment friendly dyeing technology with natural ingredients to make bio fabric.


  • BioCure - Environment friendly and universal technology for the purification of petroleum pollution that simplifies the purification process.


  • My Drug App - The app allows consumers to purchase medicines at a cheaper than a wholesale price.


  • Shenia - The platform allows users to create online a personalized tale written in Georgian for the child, where the protagonist of this story is the child itself.


  • Phubber - shopping platform - It’s a mobile app that mixes social networking and  online shopping for clothes.


  • Inventors - An innovative project for buying and selling used and new auto parts.


  • Travel Guide - An innovative, tourism platform. Its main purpose is to develop the tourism sector through the introduction of innovative technologies.


  • - Online market for machinery.


  • Beauty Lab - Allows clients in the beauty salon to book their desired procedure with just the click of a button.


  • Atrion - Creation of an informational technological company that will serve organizations working in the field of international development, to be able to successfully implement international aid projects in less time and cost.


  • RED - Fire Detection (smoke, dust, carbon dioxide) as well as smart air quality monitoring system (CO2, CO, man-made particles, other harmful gases). All these detectors and sensors are connected to the cloud software.


  • IoGreen - a smart sensor automation system that helps agro businesses and farmers.


  • VTOL - Aerial Vehicle - Manufacture of several types of high-tech unmanned and pilot aircraft and provide innovative services locally and worldwide as well.


  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - High-tech hybrid UAV that will be more efficient, safer and able to meet the requirements of the regulations in developed countries.


  • VADAC - The project aims to develop an international online platform for academically honest online certification to help self-educated consumers and employers around the world obtain reliable certification at a reasonable cost.


  • LiveCaller - a cloud-based customer relationship program that allows companies to interact with their website visitors through web calling, video calling, collaborative browsing and messaging.