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Grant agreement between GITA and Pulsar AI

Pulsar AI received a 650,000 GEL grant from Georgia’s Innovation and Technology agency towards developing communication automation technology for automotive dealerships in the United States. Today, Pulsar has two offices: in Tbilisi, Georgia, and in San Francisco, California, US. The funds will be used to grow and develop teams for both offices. Tbilisi team is running the technology research and development, while Pulsar builds its Business team in California office.

Pulsar was founded in late 2016 by Dachi Choladze and Zaal Gachechiladze. In less than 1 year, it became the leading AI company in the country. It has created technologies for the local market that has never existed before, especially for Georgian Natural Language Processing including Voice technologies - Speech-to-text and Text-to-speech models. Using its own proprietary approaches and technologies, Pulsar enabled Georgian enterprises to advance their businesses.

In 2018, together with TBC Bank, Pulsar won International Payments Award alongside HSBC and NuData (A MasterCard Company). Pulsar’s voice technology is being used by the mobile banking app which was named as the world’s best mobile banking app in 2019. In early 2018, Pulsar started focusing on converting its software development business into SaaS model - serving its customers with its pre-built technologies.

This enabled the company to focus more on research and develop technologies for the global market. This is when the company discovered that their NLP and Conversation Automation technology would solve one of the toughest problems of the US Automotive Retail Industry. The SaaS that Pulsar is developing enables US car dealerships automate and optimize their communication with customers. The proprietary technology automates the communication process between clients and dealerships. Pulsar answers all specific questions on behalf of the dealer by integrating with their CRM and Inventory management systems.