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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Enterprise Europe Network is a platform that serves the EU and partner countries’ small and medium business representatives to establish the links or exchange the specific business offers. EEN creates the whole new opportunities for Georgian companies to spread their business on EU market widely and to attract relevant partners.



 The network is one of the world's largest platform, that supports business and innovations. It unites the 600 partner organizations in 60 countries and a wide range of service spectrum. In addition, it is an important tool of EU strategy and it’s focused on private sector development and employment growth.



Through EEN Business Cooperative Centers, we encourage companies to :



  • Access to a viable market of 500 million users;
  • Increase competitiveness and the quality of product by technology exchange;
  • Finding compatible European partners;
  • Improve access to new production channels across Europe




GITA's role in EEN


After granting the status of an associated country, Georgia has access to the European Union since 2016, several programs and financial instruments, including the European Entrepreneurs Network. Georgian Innovations and Technologies Agency and “Produce in Georgia” are the official EEN representatives, EEN Business Cooperation Center (BCC), in particular.



Accordingly, these organizations assist Georgian companies / startups to find partners.


In 2016, Georgian Innovations and Technologies Agency linked 3 Georgian organizations to the Lithuanian side, with which they’ve already achieved certain agreements. Also Agency already has registered 3 Georgian companies, wanting to connect with international partners, on EEN platforme.



 Should be noted that the GITA periodically organizes EEN information days (December 13, 2016 and May 18, 2017), within which there are invited international experts / EEN mentor assigned to Georgia. They share their practical experience to Georgian companies about the benefits that can be obtained by using EEN platform.



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