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 Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency is focused on creating and developing tools, that will contribute a stable economy with sustainable and high quality actors. The organization offers a set of products and services to interested parties and potential beneficiaries, which is focused on helping the innovations and technology oriented entrepreneurs and startups to walk the distance from the idea to the ​​functionality income models.


Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency  is regularly trying to introduce such directions in their business operations that increases the productivity of inventors and startupers, provides access to a vital key for  their successful activities such as finance, knowledge and infrastructure.


At the current stage, small grants program, Startup Friendly, Startup Beats, Boot Camp, common working space, Incubator, Registry of Ideas, training portal and the IT support system is a combination of products and services that are key tools for developing a stable startup ecosystem.


These products help startups and innovations and technology-oriented entrepreneurs to journey to the market from the idea with less risks and more confident. Also it helps the entities which have already formed income model  to gain knowledge, contacts, finances and general possibilities that could radically change their growth rate and the direction line.