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Small grants

From January 1 to December 16, 2016, a small (up to 5000 GEL) within the framework of grant program were received 175 grant applications. Selected proposals and the projects (short list) were discussed at the grant board. 84 grant projects were funded, in total there was issued 290 000 GEL.


48 projects were funded within the framework of the small grant program in the direction of prototypes (early diagnosis of cancer malignant tumor on the basis of blood plasma serum DNA research; Pawwwn online platform; Educare Global Web Development; “Ukve” mobile app; Tbilisi 360 mobile app;  innovative technology of glucose production from agricultural waste;

Georgian online platform of Crowdfunding; (web development); “Antipoacher”, the device prototype was created, which allows the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Georgia to supervise over the poaching; Admove project (advertising space rent on private cars); project “Anabana” (creating a Georgian version of the board game Scrabble); project “Gustav” (onsite laundry service), project “Smart House” (web development); project “Treepex” (green loyalty program, tree planning via cell phone app); car simulator device / software provision using the virtual reality (DriVR); moving augmented reality device (MARD); creating of the hologram prototype for the project “Holo”; mobile app for Android and iOS platforms to find  the restaurant menu in an extended reality; “Smart light on” outdoor lighting optimization system prototype, which reduces car crashes; creating prototype for the project “MarsIn”, which foresees the involvement in Mars missions and its surface research. This is a nanotechnological robot, which is specifically designed for walking on Mars surface (for NASA submission) and etc.


Within the travel grants, 20 beneficiaries received funding, and they also raise the qualification on various types of international conferences, take part in the competitions. On July 18-23, 2016, in Pyatra Nemat (Romanian republic), at the Olympic Games of Central European Countries, Georgian participants took over silver and bronze medals. Grant beneficiary within travel grants participated in the global summit of innovations, as a result of which the beneficiary was involved with the representatives of other countries in the innovative project, where the grant beneficiary created a mobile app which helps the victims of domestic violence. This project won the competition in the US (in Hackathon) and the winner team was awarded by 100 000 USD as a prize. Within the travel grants framework, was financed the participation of Georgians at the International  Programing Olympiad on July 4-9, Kiev (the Republic of Ukraine).