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Services for innovation

This component implies the on the basis of innovation centers (see component 1)

community implementation of various measures aimed at raising awareness, to identify the passive innovators and entrepreneurs and their skills development. There are planned to launch various innovative competitions (hackathon, makeathone, creathon and etc.) for entrepreneurs and physical persons (up to eight years) all over the Georgia. This will increase  interest in innovation and technology in our country,  detect a passive innovators,  establish informal relationships among the participants and  connect investors with business sphere in purpose to establish the future  business relations.


In order to raise interest in information technologies in school pupils, in all regions of Georgia, competitions will be held in informatics and robotics. The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to participate in the Informatics International Olympiad, which is one of the most important Scientific Olympics around the world.

The project will support young people in digital literature (computer programming,
creation of programs, network administration, etc), improve business skills (preparation of business plan, business administration, financing, etc.), in order to increase their productivity, competitiveness and employment.

This component also implies support for business innovations, in particular 1) regional innovation hubs (see component 1) will conduct various technical trainings for customer needs
considering  (for example in 3D modeling, automated production, etc.), 2) providing innovative individual advice, 3) to provide long-term consultations for firms (mentoring). For the successful implementation of the latter creation of mentor network is also planned, where the majority will be entrepreneurs / businessmen working abroad. Firms will select the candidate from the list of potential mentors, after that the mentor will have the opportunity to agree or reject the initiative firm's cooperation. after completion of the teaching process, the mentor can become beneficiary company business partner, user and / or investor.