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Technopark is one of the main projects of Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency, which is focused on creating an ecosystem in  innovations and technology fields. Technopark creates physical space, where is accumulated technological, educational and professional resources, which is intended to serve knowledge based economy development.


Technopark, through infrastructure, promotes high technology based business ownership and growth, which will be competitive as on local, but on global markets as well. Combining the intellectual resource and technology infrastructure, Technopark is one of the main elements in innovation oriented start-up ecosystem.  And its dynamic, renewable and developing character makes it a center point of change and development. It combines incubators, training centers, and laboratories, as well as offices, public works and recreational spaces. It also provides the access to the training centers and showrooms.

 Technopark is a place where a comfortable environment is created, which helps the idea ever since the its early stages all the way to the establishment of a business model. This result is achieved not only by the technology and general infrastructure but by the recognized mentors, their international experience and access to the knowledge as well.