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About Us

Georgia's Innovation and  Technology Agency’s mission is a formation of an ecosystem which improves all kinds of innovations and technologies in our country, to promote a commercialization of knowledge and innovations, to stimulate using  them in all fields of economy, to create an environment for the growth of innovations and high-tech products and developing high-speed internet nationwide.


 To achieve these goals Agency is planning to develop its own infrastructural zoom to improve innovations and technologies, to provide their powerful commercialization mechanisms according to  country’s innovation and technology development priorities; Facilitate the growth of venture capital and  even private companies’ participation in the process of researches and commercialization of innovations, creating effective mechanisms for increasing competitiveness, including the active enrichments of distance learning tools.


For the effective implementation of these missions Agency specifies the priority directions to invest in the development of the infrastructure for innovations, which will be expressed in opening technological parks, innovation centers and industrial laboratories. Agency also cares about forming an innovative and technological commercialization support instrument, to reach a high level internet access across the country, also frequently conducting quality and deficient in a labor market trainings due to growth competitiveness, including for trainers, as well; The Agency initiates legislative packages to stimulate innovations and technology development and availability of financing mechanisms.