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Fablab, also known as Factory Lab, is high-tech workshop equipped with tools which offers customers the digital fabrication. The concept of Fablab was presented  in Massachusetts Technological University by Neil Gershenfeld the Bits and Atoms’ center Director, 2001.

His idea was to create a small analog of the industrial laboratory, where by the computer managed equipment and the appropriate knowledge, anybody could make their ideas alive, using - 3D printers, CNC rubbers, laser cutters, PCB equipment, etc.

We can create not only simple items, but complex and “smart” ones too. We will be able to prototype, to test and manufacture in small quantities as well.

Technopark’s FabLab, with its’ scale and complete cycle of equipment, allows the local start-ups and young innovators  to realize and improve their initiative.

Its’  goal is to offer the world new construction model of knowledge based economy. FabLabs development is important not only to establish  new startup businesses, but also for promotion of small personal production. 

This means that to design the individually desired products or functions, big factories and productions will no longer be necessary. All this will happen locally, at the base of the FabLab.