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Innovations Agency infrastructure projects aim to help local population, private companies or local governments, to use the technologies that were hard to find an access before for development of their own  business and to get the knowledge as in innovations and technologies as well in entrepreneurship. It’s important for local start-ups to know how to build startup, what are the stages they need to pass to become a successful company. Technopark is important to for development of the region and to raise the public awareness. Access to technologies means to follow the progress, which in the end plays an important role in development of the country.


One of the most important projects for creating an innovative ecosystem is Tbilisi Technopark,

which was arranged in the territory of Okrokana on 18 thousand m2 and it’s functioning since 11 January, 2016. For the purpose of promoting infrastructure for innovations, first Technopark was opened by the initiative of Prime Minister of Georgia and it’s oriented on creating and developing of innovative productions in the country. Technopark is a physical space, where technological, educational and professional resources are collected and it is a platform for  innovations and technology based businesses  development.


Georgia is the first country in Transcaucasia, which appeared on the map of FabLabs. Innovations and the Technologies Agency  has started  actively working in 2015, to open and work in both in Tbilisi and in regions. At this stage, there are 8 industrial innovations’ laboratories opened across the country.


The existing entities are equipped with the hardware cycle. Its analogs are Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT. It should be noted that in 2015 Georgia participated in Boston FAB 11, where Georgia was named as fab country by the invitees. FabLab is  a unique space for any

citizen with an idea and wants to establish a startup business. FabLab allows everyone to access modern technologies. It is customized on any of us and helps to generate ideas. Industrial innovation laboratories (Fablab) stimulates the prospect of progress in modern society. In these spaces, the initiatives are taking shapes and the ideas of young innovators are realized.


Since 2015, Innovations and Technology Agencies have been opened in the regions. The very first regional center was opened in Kharagauli, then in Choporti and Baghdadi. Formation of centers in regions is the one of main priorities of Innovations and Technology Agency. Its goal is to support this sphere in the country and create an innovation ecosystem. It provides multi-profile services to local population. They will have access to the hardly accessible before services. The centers will be guided by the trained in advance managers. In those Innovation centers which are opened since January 2016 will be held trainings. Also the video lectures and seminars will be conducted on topics such as : business planning, culture, art, sociology, time management, public lectures,programming and civil education.  There will be implemented

lots of projects or programs, where local people will participate actively. Some of them are  Lego-robot training course, introducing the principles of  3D printer studying program,prototype study, 3D printing, industrial 3D prototype, how to bring the product to the final form. Centers also envisage a microelectronics course, Arduino, introduction / study of the principles of working with Littlebits. Also users will have access to remote employment platforms.