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Innovation infrastructure

The purpose of this component is to create the necessary infrastructure for innovations,

digital development of literacy, increase public awareness about the importance of broadband Internet connection and its use.

 It is planned to open in regions 50 innovations centers. Their main function is to encourage the involvement of residents from small and large cities in a various innovative activities.

 Regional innovations centers will be equipped with modern technologies, like Tbilisi and Zugdidi Technopark. This will give an opportunities to people of all age with an innovative ideas to prototype and develop their own idea. In all centers will be mini fabrication laboratories where to locate : electronic constructors, 3D pen, multifunction robot hand, electronic robots, etc. Various trainings and seminars will be conducted for local population. The center will also have  a space where beginners entrepreneurs or individuals can develop their own idea. They will be able to work in a calm environment. There will be given a special significance to use a laboratory for educational purpose, which will enable us to develop the technology and robottechnic skills in modern adolescents.

 It is also planned to open 8 innovations hubs in Georgian self-governing cities / regional centers. Its main function is to connect the innovation centers with each other in small and large cities. Unlike the centers, the hubs will also have an industrial and innovative laboratories equipped with high technology, which will enable local entrepreneurs to realize their ideas.

For example: programming and tablet installation, 3D printer and scanner,programmable sewing machine, flat surface printer, programmed laser cutting machine, etc. Similar to the innovation centers, there will be rooms in the hubs to where for beginner entrepreneurs and individuals to work in a calm environment.  Increasing access to the internet means “internet development” program implementation. This program includes to broaden the Internet, to raise an awareness of socially unprotected people in basic studies of electronic and in commerce of digital culture for entrepreneurs. The program will be available for 10,000 socially unprotected families (registered in the Social Service Agency and their rating score is less than or equal to 100,000)  in all regions of Georgia and for 3,000 enterprises (micro, small and medium).

Namely, there is planed a following :


  • To raise an awareness of the importance of internet, e-commerce and consumption for socially unprotected families and for the people with active entrepreneurial status. There will be conducted wo types of training courses : digital (internet, computer, Office programs and etc.) and in electronic literature ( E-commerce, e-business, e-Governance and etc.);


  • After successful completion of the training course, 10,000 socially unprotected family living in high mountainous areas will be provided by 150 GEL broadband internet vouchers to cover the internet conection fees;


  • After successful completion of the training course, 500 MSMEs operating in high mountainous areas will be provided by 200 GEL broadband internet vouchers to cover the internet conection fees;


  • After successfully completing the training course of electronic literacy conducted by qualified experts of the project, entrepreneurs will get free individual consultations in electronic commerce and electronic business, which will help them develop their own business. The project also provides building a web-page to increase the recognition and sales for company;

  • Also, there is planned to design the portal for entrepreneurs and families, that will allow them to engage in the Broadband internet through the internet providers existing in region, to pay a subscription and get online vouchers.